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Television Pilots

From the twelfth-century to World War II to today,

from rural Illinois to the farthest reaches of the solar system...

The War Magicians

historical drama series

In the midst of the London Blitz, a young soldier recruits a world-famous magician to help fight against the Nazis ravaging Europe. But while the magician's skill may turn the tide of World War II, her secret may turn the nation against her.

PAGE Awards Quarterfinalist                          2018

ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Semifinalist            2018

Austin Film Festival Second Round               2018

Final Draft Big Break Quarterfinalist              2018

War Magicians Poster.jpeg

The Circumnavigators Club

science fiction drama series

A determined explorer finishes circumnavigating the Earth and joins the Circumnavigators Club, only to learn that there is much more to the organization — and the universe — than she ever imagined.

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The Death of Robin Hood

historical drama series

A woman-in-mourning takes up the mantle of Robin Hood to protect the people of Nottingham in a time of political upheaval.

The Death of Robin Hood.png

We Who Remain

drama series

One day, all the men go missing from a small town in Illinois. As the women look to rebuild, one mother digs deeper to try and find out what happened to her husband.

Aerial View of a Suburb


historical drama series

Germany, 1938. On the eve of World War II, Lufthansa looks to make another kind of history: the first commercial, non-stop transatlantic flight. This limited series follows the lives of those pilots brave enough to fly the Condor — and those desperate enough to go along for the ride.

Final Draft Big Break Semifinalist                  2016

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