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Feature Films

From the science of ages past to the science fiction of ages to come,

from a young woman confronting her future to rivals destroying their own...

The Bone Wars

historical fiction feature

Edward Cope dreams of dinosaurs. As one of the preeminent paleontologists of his age, he has the access necessary to find the greatest collection of fossils the world has ever known. After a mistake puts him behind his ambitious rival, he must throw himself into the hunt. But in the race to find new species, he must be careful not to lose himself.

Sundance/Sloan Finalist               2015, 2016, 2017

Austin Film Festival Second Round                2017

Scriptapalooza Screenplay Quarterfinalist     2017

The Bone Wars.png


science fiction feature

Trying to find the mythical planet of Aisa has driven Elden to every corner of the galaxy, chasing a planet that doesn't orbit, but jumps across the cosmos. But when getting closer to her obsession forces her to literally confront her past, Elden must face the thing she's really running from — herself.

ScreenCraft Sci-Fi Screenplay Quarterfinalist   2018

ScreenCraft Sci-Fi Screenplay Semifinalist        2017



action/adventure feature

Estranged from her father, a young Marion Ravenwood gets pulled back into adventure and her past as she joins the hunt for an archeological artifact: the headpiece to the staff of Ra.

Ad Deir Petra

Against the Night

science fiction feature

A young soldier downed in hostile territory must overcome her prejudices to cross the planet she has long hated, alongside people she has long feared. While her survival skills and battle knowledge may get her to the last safe city, her true identity may put her in grave danger.

Space Supernova

Other Almosts

coming-of-age feature

Emma is going blind. Forced to take medical leave from school, she returns to her small town and reconnects with her high school friends, all of whom are struggling with their own demons. The future uncertain, the four attempt to recreate their past to pretend - for as long as possible - that everything is okay.

ScreenCraft Film Fund Quarterfinalist            2017

Other Almosts poster.jpg
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